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Kohler Generators for all needs

If South Dakota thunderstorms or sporadic power outages have you concerned, or you need a reliable source of power on your construction site this summer, trust Kilowatt Electric to provide you with the ideal solution.  

Kilowatt Electric not only provides exceptional residential and commercial electrical services we are also licensed to sell and install Kohler Generators for your Rapid City home or business!

What sets Kohler Generators apart?

  • Proven Reliability – Kohler Generators endure hundreds of performance tests to ensure total reliability. 
  • Built to Outlast the Outage – Kohler Generators use commercial-grade engines that aren’t built to standby, they’re built to perform. They will keep running until local power is restored.
  • Power in Your Palm ( Literally ) – The Kohler app allows you to monitor your generator from your computer or mobile device to make sure its functioning properly.

Kohler Generators run on your existing natural gas or liquid propane system. So when the power fails, your generator starts automatically. It will power a home or business until utility power is restored. Then it transfers power back to the grid.

A Kohler Home Generator is shown in a beige case in front of a modern home.

Versatility of Kohler Generators in Rapid City, SD


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At Kilowatt Electric, we offer great products at fair prices for the residents of Rapid City. Be it a home generator, a commercial generator, or a portable generator for camping, we are sure to find the right Kohler Generator for you. To learn more information about Kohler Generators, get in touch with our sales team today!

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