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What our clients are saying

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Justin Herreman
We had an issue with our panel and were very worried it was a significant failure. Steve arrived within 30 minutes of placing our call and resolved the issue completely and a lot less expensively than what we were anticipating. First rate service and an excellent customer experience. We will be using Kilowatt as our electricians moving forward.
bill jones
Great service work. The electricians were very polite, knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend.
delsie lesperance
The lady who answered the phone was a godsend!! I thought we had a catastrophe going on. Came home from shopping and half the house was not working. All breakers on, of course on a Saturday. She quickly diagnosed a phase failure and advised calling BHE. We did so, they did a temp fix that day, fixed the line on Tuesday. Was a BHE problem so cost us nothing. Would never had thought to call them without her help. Thank you so much!!
Awesome place. Very helpful find all your electrical needs here
Jasmine Jade
The guy that came out to my house today was very knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to. (I'm sorry I didn't catch his name) He got my power up and running after making sure to check every possible thing that could have caused the power issue. I felt so bad for the fact that it was -15 out and I couldn't shovel the snow out of the way for him before he came. However, he was very kind and didn't seem to mind. He also didn't seem to mind that my house was a bit of a mess due to the power going out mid cleaning. I know this doesn't seem to be a huge deal to most but I get anxiety over weird things like that. And his demeanor put me at ease. With that being said, he got me up and running and I have heat again. I'm very thankful to him and to Kilowatt for getting someone out within an hour of my call.
Deb Baker
They were awesome. Took care of my problem very quickly. The technician was very professional and the cost was reasonable. Would definitely use them again.